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Outbound Telemarketing is indispensable to generate sales leads and elevate the number of customers through cold calling. A Business who does not opt outsourced outbound telemarketing sales lead generation may fail continuously changing business setting because we desire convenience from seller.

Outsourced Telemarketing services help to cater all your core and additional commercials needs. Our telemarketing professionals can be outsourced to represent your brand through marketing calls with complete knowledge, enthusiasm and passion that your product would appear unique in the competitive corporate environment.

Outsourcing telemarketing in the modern world has attained central importance whether it would be B2B or B2C dealing, it is a modern sale tool employed by companies to gain the buyer attention and satisfaction. An Experienced offshore telemarketing team helps to increase conversion rate, generates cold lead, converts cold lead into a confirm sale, helps in conducting research and maintains record of the customers. When you outsource telemarketing services with experienced team it presents your brand innovatively helps to expand your business by attracting number of customers and leave client with professional expression. Offshore outsourcing telemarketing services is cost effective, expands your brand and build relation with the buyer.

We, being the best offshore outsourcing telemarketing services provider company at affordable price, are committed to deliver our premier facilities by expanding the domain of your brand. Uniqueness and costs efficiency are our core values that set us apart from other providers in the Industry.

Jai Sys Services provides and enthusiastic and motivated telemarketing teams of professions that will enhance your corporate expansion ration, encourages consumer retention, augments your sale and enhance the image of your brand by proficient telemarketing techniques. Building cordial relations with final consumer and increase the volume of sales are core concern of every business.

Jai Sys Services has a team that is enthusiastic and passionate to develop the brand value of your business. We use modern technology to increase the conversation rate and decrease the dropout rate. Telemarketing is our product knowledge and complete marketing research that give your brand a unique taste and look.

Jai Sys Services is associated with contact center business for more than a decade. Due to our vast experience and professionalism we have become a unique name in outbound telemarketing outsource industry as well. Either it is a B2B Selling we are committed to provide best values. Major benefits of offshore outsourcing to Jai Sys Services are that, we are cheap and help to attain the services of diverse and talented workforce. Our Offshore telemarketing campaigns are equally beneficial for small and large business. In Addition to all this our best telesales campaign provides number of other benefits including:

  • Live Monitoring and Data Check.
  • Strictly Followed Business Ethics and conversation etiquette’s
  • Expertise in lead generation
  • High Conversion rate
  • Minimum average talk-time that will enhance the profits by increase in number of calls.